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Proper nutrition is the best preventative medicine, and the foods our pets eat provide the building blocks for their health, well-being and healing. Accordingly, nutritional counseling is an integral part of our service offering.

Research shows that many commercial, highly-processed dry and canned foods contain harmful ingredients and chemicals, making them less than ideal options for many pets, especially those with compromised immune and digestive systems. Therefore, we typically recommend that these pet foods be avoided.

In general, we advise feeding the freshest, highest quality food possible. We often advocate home cooking or feeding a commercial raw food diet, depending on the animal's condition and situation. However, every animal is different, and raw food diets are not suited to every animal. If your animal has certain health conditions, we may advise against it.

If you are going to cook for your animal, it is very important that you use a balanced recipe. It is for this reason that it is important to see a holistic veterinarian to assess your pet's nutritional needs before changing his or her diet.

Each Coastal Holistic patient is provided a customized diet that is nutritious, palatable, preservative-free, cost-effective, environmentally sound, and in keeping with the pet owner's abilities to provide it. Dietary supplements may also be used to support the organs and body tissues, aid body detoxification and provide energy to assist in the healing process.

You'll find a listing of our favorite books on pet nutrition as well as links to some great Web sites on our Resources page.